What the hell is going on here?!?

11th Doctor Cosplayer and TimeSiren

AFOL Husband and LEGO 13th Doctor

Madwoman and TimeSiren raw

Madwoman and her Powdered Toast Chest

Fatal Death Master and Company


We are Time Siren and Mad Woman with a Box. We are not your typical Doctor Who fans. We knit and bead and cosplay our brains out. We participate in convention panels, create & run music video panels and help run blood drives. Are we crazy and do too much? Yes. Do we have fun? Yes. Are we likely to stop before we’re six feet under? No.

One day the two of us got together and said, “What the hell? We aren’t doing nearly enough to celebrate our crazy Doctor Who fandom. Let’s do more!” and thus the insanity of The Corsair’s Closet was birthed.

Knowing we are not alone in the mad, fun world of people that celebrate their fandoms, we are ever in search of others like us. We sit them down and force uh, ask them nicely to share their silliness, devotion and play with us and our listeners.

Warning – our podcasts are PG. We’re adults, we swear. We’re Whoverts and write saucy fan fic. Since we are adults, we know how to curb the randiness when it threatens to get out of control, but if the mere mention of it upsets you, we are not the podcast for you.

2018 update – we recorded our last podcast in August 2014 and took down the domain name corsairs-closet.com. It was an amiable parting as we all had other projects we wanted to pursue and after two years of weekly ‘casts, felt it too time-consuming and that we were running out of material.

The entire website is archived here at the offspring of Corsair’s Closet, Second Geekhood. Unfortunately, that project lasted even less time as trying to get four adults on a regular schedule of posting proved to be too daunting. I and the crew of both projects hope you enjoy what is archived here and derive as much enjoyment from it as we had recording it.

TimeSiren aka Nyx

P.S. – some of the links in the Show Notes are dead or the domains were bought by other people who have put up strange, unrelated websites that have nothing to do with what was there four years ago. Proceed at your own risk and don’t say we didn’t warn ya.